Defipie token

DeFiPie takes the best...

$PIE is the governance token on Ethereum (ETH) and Binance Smart Chain (BSC) networks. The main purpose - is making the PIE holders full control over the protocol. DeFiPie platform has to be decentralized in all aspects, including decision-making and $PIE token holders should take over the reins of governance.
The governance system in DeFiPie is inspired by that of Compound, but with
an important difference: voting uses pPIE tokens, not just PIE.
Getting them is easy:
Deposit PIE in the
liquidity pool.
In exchange, the
pool will issue pPIE.
You have as many
votes as the number
of pPIE you hold.
Defipie token

The advantages

The advantage of this system over the one used by Compound is that you don’t have to unstake PIE in order to vote. You can keep earning staking rewards and participate in the governance at the same time. We believe that making people choose between rewards and governance is unfair and unproductive: as long as the gas fees remain high, smaller token holders will choose the rewards and forego their voting rights.
Defipie token


Over 40% of total supply will be distributed to active
DeFiPie platform users (92.500.000 $PIE).
Current circulating supply: 0 $PIE / 220,000,000 $PIE
Daily $PIE distribution: 0 $PIE