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Only the gas fees

Liquidity Partner Program

Launch your own DeFi lending pool and get benefits for your users.

Our liquidity partners

How it Works?

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Contact DeFiPie team and describe your project

Go to dAPP

Submit initial liquidity to our dAPP app.defipie.com

Meet users

Explain to your users how to add liquidity and earn rewards


We promote your pools with our marketing channels

Well Done!

Enjoy growing trading volumes and fast community growth

Why DeFiPie?

100% free – you pay only the gas fees
You provide initial liquidity – we do the rest
The first lending protocol that allows anyone to create a new pool
Your asset can be a collateral for loans
5,000 active users in the Telegram community
Available on both Ethereum & Binance Smart Chain

What do you get

A working liquidity pool: users can start lending and borrowing your token right away
Your users can use your token as collateral for borrowing other assets
Including your pool to PIE Distribution program. Your users will additional earn PIE.
Free promotion through DeFiPie channels (blog, Telegram, media)

What do you Pay?

Only the gas fees.
DeFiPie won’t charge you anything.
$100 in PIE for every liquidity partner you invite
Gain $100 in PIE
The more, the merrier! Do you know of any good projects that could be interested in starting a lending liquidity pool and a farming program? Introduce them to DeFiPie – we’ll pay you $100 in PIE for every referred project that launches a pool with us.
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